What You Need to Keep in Mind about Piano Moving


Without a doubt, moving can bring you great stress. And the stress doubles if you fail to seek the help of reliable professionals to move your furniture. Piano moving can be extremely stressful. For one thing, the mover must have special skills and knowledge so they can properly and safely move your piano.

Why do you need a professional piano moving company?

Perhaps you are wondering why you need a separate professional piano mover than the one you use for the rest of your household – the answer is simple. Hiring Sacramento Piano Moving professional means you are hiring someone with the necessary training and equipment to properly and safely move your piano.

The usual upright piano can weigh 400 to 900 pounds on the average. Gran pianos weigh even more – reaching 650 to 1300 pounds on the average. Your piano can cost from several hundreds of dollars to more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. And its value depends a lot on its age, make, model, and condition.

There is a great possibility that moving your piano would entail moving it through tight spaces, like small door frames or staircases. And there are times wherein moving through small spaces requires dismantling your piano so the move can be done smoothly. With this, hiring a professional can drastically reduce the risks of causing damage to your beloved instrument, as well as your old and new homes.

It helps to keep in mind that just like in any other trade, not all professional piano movers are equal. There are professional piano movers who have better training and equipment than the others. These make them better prepared for various circumstances. There are also those who act with more integrity and care compared to the others.

What you need to do is come up with a list of local piano storage and moving companies. You then need to contact each one of them and take notes. It also makes sense to talk to local piano stores, schools and teachers and ask about the piano mover they trust and use. In this way, you can compare your notes with the feedback that actual customers have. The comparison should help you come up with a decision.

Moreover, you also need to check if a piano mover is properly insured. It is your responsibility to do so. Always ask the amount of insurance coverage your Piano Refinishing will have. This is one way of determining if the mover indeed cares for the proper and safe handling of your instrument.


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